Access control

An access control system enables you to control the authority as to who can access your building. Digital Innovation works with their clients to find an access control system that suite you and your business or residence. All entryways that are controlled by the access control system can be set to specific rules to lock down or open at particular times.

Some major benefits of electronic access control systems are:

  • Central control of access
  • A cost effective alternative to lock and key
  • A more secure & safe environment

Telephone Entry Systems

  • One Door-Commercial Telephone Entry
  • 2 Doors-Commercial Telephone Entry
  • Four Doors- Commercial Telephone Entry
  • Residential Telephone Entry System

Access Control Peripherals

  • Keypad – Interior/Exterior
  • Dual/Remote Proximity Reader
  • Remote Radio Receiver

Prox Cards & Transmitters

  •  Key Fob
  • Card Access
  • Visor Transmitter

Electric Strike Entry Systems

  • Remotely grant entry access

Nest x Yale Lock

  • The connected lock for a more secure Nest home